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Trips and Activities


Arrayán View point
     Car - Mountain bike - Trekking
Arrayán Circuit
     Car - Tour
Bandurrias Viewpoint
     Car - Trekking – Fourtrack – Horse ride
La Islita
      Car - Trekking – Fourtrack – Horse ride 
     Car - Mountain bike - Trekking 
First settlers museum
Fish trap

Half day 

Quila Quina village & waterfall
     Car – Tour (by land or boat)
Lake Lolog & Arturo port
Chapelco (ski & summer activities)
     Car – Tour
Lake Meliquina
Pichi Traful camping area
Lake Hermoso & waterfall
Lakes Falkner & Villarino
Agrotourism (Quinta Belwell)
     Car – Local bus
City Tour
     British double decker bus

All day

Yuco - Nonthué - Hua Hum
     Car – Land & boat tour
     --- Path to Cerro Malo (trekking)
     --- Chachín waterfall (trekking) 
     --- Path to Las Corinas lagoon (trekking) 
     --- Lake Queñi & hot waters (4x4 &
Lakes Currhué (small & great)
     --- Thermal area Lahuen Có (trekking) 
Lakes Huechulafquen - Paimún
     (Lanín volcano views)
      Car - Tour
     --- Canoa port (tour on boat)
     Lake Tromen – Araucarias forest
&  Lanín volcano (north face)
     Car - Tour – Climb to volcano
Lake Filo Hua Hum
     --- Casa de Piedra 
Paso del Córdoba (to Bariloche,
     V. Traful or Villa La Angostura )
7 Lakes circuit
     (Villa La Angostura yBariloche)Car - Tour


Other Activities

Horse riding, Rafting, Mountain bike Circuits 
Trekking, Diving.
Fishing in lakes and rivers.
In lake Lácar: Boats & kayacs rental. 


In Lake Lácar: Downtown coast, Catritre, Quila Quina, Playa Blanca, Yuco, Nonthué, Hua Hum.
In Lake Lolog: Playa Bonita, Puerto Arturo and all north coast of lake.
In lakes Meliquina and Filo Hua Hum
In several places, at the side of lakes, streams or rivers, you could find picnic areas and enjoy to be sourrounded of forests, its magic and quiet beauty.


All seasons are excellent and very different..
SUMMER with warm and long days and forest, plants and flowers in plenitude.Open air sports or rest quietly near the lake enjoying the peace and silence of Nature.
FALL with its wonderful reds, ocres, yellows, greens that paint matchless landscapes.
WINTER with snowed mountains and forest that offer possibility for winter sports and unique trips.
SPRING is the explotion of flowers and pure and fresh air comming from our Cordillera de los Andes

San Martin de los Andes, AR
6°C - 11°C

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Alte. Brown 290 - San Martin de los Andes - (8370) Neuquén - Argentina

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